Casino Services

Gaming Capital Group has significant experience in the distribution and operation of electronic gaming devices. Today, we maintain and service over 13,000 machines in 43 locations that we have financed for our customers. At GCG it is our goal to provide awesome service to our customers. GCG has warehouse storage facilities and provides technicians to provide GCG customers with repair and service resources.

Technical Support

Our technical services team is responsible for the preparation, installation and maintenance of all the electronic gaming devices GCG operates on its customer’s floor. GCG works collectively with the casino technical team to ensure all games are being maintained and serviced.

Game Analysis

Our game performance team is responsible for reviewing revenue performance for over 13,000 electronic gaming machines within our customer’s casinos. GCG works collectively with casino management in selecting the best product for our casino customer’s floor and market. Our team can also help assist in the redesign of your casino floor using AutoCAD. Working together, we ensure our customers’ floors are up to date and current with the newest and greatest product. Using all these resources, GCG solidifies the common interest in has with its customers, which is to grow gaming revenues.

Marketing Support

Our marketing team is responsible for building GCG’s clientele and is the vendor liaison between the casino and the gaming manufacturers. GCG works collectively with the casino marketing team to help promote new games on the casino floor.


Our development team is there to assist our customers with a thorough market assessment when evaluating a potential new casino project. GCG can help in the design and development of our customers’ projects, focusing on project details such as land procurement, construction, size, theme and project content.