Financial Solutions

Have your gaming revenues been static, or declining, year over year?
Do you have a project that can’t get off the ground?
Does it feel like time is wasting away, but nothing is being done to address your changing market and competitive environment?
Gaming Capital Group can help. Our financial solutions are custom tailored to fit the goals of a particular project and each customer’s unique situation. In order to achieve this, we must first understand the capital need, and then structure a solution that works for all parties involved. We are not a bank. We are a provider capital as well as a value-add partner in ensuring that a project generates the additional cash flow needed to recoup the investment in a timely manner. Gaming Capital Group’s advice on the front-end of a project, and continued support throughout, are what differentiate us from traditional lenders.

Gaming Equipment Financing

It’s no secret: customers visit casinos to play games. Gaming Capital Group procures the newest and best electronic gaming equipment in the industry for our customers. Technological advancements in gaming are changing the way people gamble, and we are there to help navigate that wave. We work collectively with existing management in selecting the best product for your property and market. We are not a management company. By partnering in the gaming win, we align our interests with our customers, which is to grow gaming revenues. Investing in the revenue producing part of your business is a great way to generate a positive return on investment, and is becoming more and more important in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

Casino Expansion or Renovation Financing

Gaming Capital Group provides the capital needed to get successful projects off the ground. Whether it is an expansion of the gaming floor, the addition of new amenities such as hotel rooms or ancillary services, or just a renovation to part of the existing casino, we will craft a solution that makes sense. We perform our own due diligence on a project, to ensure its success, and also provide advice at the onset with scope, planning, preferred contractors, etc. We have deployed over $400 million in capital on projects ranging from minor gaming floor expansions to 1,000+ hotel room additions. We also have expertise with truck/travel stops, food and beverage amenities, and revamping your gaming floor.

Greenfield Casino Financing

When traditional sources of capital are scarce, Gaming Capital Group can help fill the capital need to get your project off the ground. When a new property is being contemplated, the initial steps are the most important. Appropriate scope and branding for the specific market that you are entering are crucial to the lasting success of a project. The gaming industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and thus, the room for error is small. At its inception, Gaming Capital Group provided capital for a Greenfield casino, and has been a part of numerous casino openings since.