Inspiring Awesomeness!

If one word were to be given to describe Gaming Capital Group, it would decidedly be awesome. Webster’s dictionary defines this adjective as meaning “extremely impressive … inspiring great admiration,” all of which define our company aptly. We strive to inspire awesomeness through each facet of our group, by way of the strong relationships with our customers, to the tireless work we perform on our customers’ floors every day. And even closer to home, we inspire awesomeness among our own treasured family of employees, who are the grass roots of GCG’s operations.

As soon as one comes into contact with our family, you can immediately sense what we live and breathe here at Gaming Capital Group: warm hospitality sprinkled with energetic positivity. For instance, we pride ourselves on knowing that anyone who visits our home base in Newcastle, Oklahoma leaves with a smile on their face because of our tenacious attention to their needs. If you are one of those few, then you know that it is not only the incredible business we provide our customers which makes us awesome but also the warm, inviting feel of family. Attention is in the details.

We know we are only here because of our customers and our employees, and this is why we strive to be awesome … for them.

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